Process Research & Development

Process Research & Development will play a key role in the commercialisation of APIs (NCEs and generic).

Corey Pharmaceutical’s fully equipped Process Research & Development lab allows the rapid development of scalable and robust chemical processes utilizing advanced methodologies and technologies.

Our Team offer:

  • Early phase process development.
  • Late phase process development.
  • Commercial-scale process development.
  • API process development.
  • Life cycle management.

Why choose Corey pharmaceuticals?

We develop robust, scalable, sustainable, and safer processes by using

  • Our top-notched scientists experience in using PROCESS principles. (Proven, Repeatable, Owner driven, Compatible, Executable, Sustainable, and Successful).
  • Our highly experienced scientists on using SELECT principles, (Safety, Environment, Legal, Economics, Control, and Throughput)
  • Our scientists are also experts on using GCbD (Green Chemistry by Design).
  • On-site technology platforms, for complementing process development
  • Modern infrastructure, tools, and techniques for efficient process development
  • Constant collaboration with process engineers for successful scale-up.