Dr. Ramesh Perla

Chief Executive Officer


  • Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from IICT-Hyderabad
  • Postdoc from 1) Ewha womans university, Seoul and 2) IIT Hyderabad
  • >12 years experience with Pharmaceutical Industries and Academics.
  • Managed and directed a workforce of almost 25 scientists working on FTE, FFS and risk-share projects for clients based out of USA, UK, Europe and Asia.
  • >30 Research articles (19 Main author) published in peer-reviewed international journals
  • Filed a patent and presented research work at several international conferences.
  • Received several awards/fellowships in his career from agencies like CSIR, DST-SERB, UGC, IARDO, CRCHUS Postdoctoral Fellowship-Canada.

Dr. Ramesh has extensive knowledge in synthetic organic chemistry including asymmetric synthesis, enzyme-catalyzed organic synthesis, Carbohydrates and Heterocyclic Chemistry, and catalytic C-H activation. He has published more than 30 research articles in prestigious international journals, 11 of which were as a corresponding author, showcasing his ability as a scientist.

His contributions to the complete synthesis of 17 naturally occurring products, including Pectinolide, Cryptomoscatone D1, D2, E1, F1, (5R,7S)-Kurzilactone, 8-Methoxygoniodiol, Cryptorigidifoliol B, (+)-Goniodiol, (6S,7S,8S)- Goniodiol, Parvistone A, B, D, E, 8-Chlorogoniodiol, Goniothalesdiol A, are clearly visible in the total synthesis of these architecturally different natural molecules. He created a novel enzyme pathway for the manufacture of Moxifloxacin and the cholesterol-lowering drug Rosuvastatin. Additionally, at IIT Hyderabad, he created a new template for remote meta-C-H functionalization and claimed to be a "Satyanarayana-Ramesh auxiliary".